Better sleep with perfectly timed naps for your baby

BabyNaps is the app for tired parents longing for better sleep. Every day you get suggestions for nap times for your baby in a sleep schedule. When you find your routine, your baby will sleep just the right amount during the day - and well at night.
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Unique features in BabyNaps

Does that sound too good to be true? No! 8 out of 10 parents confirm that they sleep better at night with BabyNaps:

  • 1
    Get a sleep schedule for your baby

    Perfectly timed naps bsed on age, wake up time, and the length of your baby's naps.

  • 2
    Keep track of your baby's sleep

    Easy to know that your baby sleeps enough during the day and night.

  • 3
    Follow your baby's sleep month for month

    Gain important skills for sleep and practical tools to improve it.

This is why parents love BabyNaps

BabyNaps gives you a personalized sleep schedule for your baby.

Perfectly timed naps throughout the day

You'll know exactly when it's time for the next nap.

Learn more about sleep

Gain practical tools for better and more sleep.

Always the right amount of sleep at every age

Make sure your baby sleeps the recommended amount of sleep each day.

Changes as your baby grows

BabyNaps helps you transition smoothly once it's time to drop a nap.

More time for you (and more energy!)

Once your baby sleeps at the right time each night you can enjoy your free time.

Enjoy better sleep again

Enjoy a good night's sleep again (yes, this dream can come true!).

Happy baby = happy parents

Read reviews from parents who sleep better.

'Zeeemlan', App Store

The best help for a tired mom to keep track of baby's sleep schedule. Also many good tips and tricks and interesting articles.
A great resource for sleep help!

'A happy sleeping baby', App Store

Babynaps is very helpful because it helps take out the question of when I should be adjusting my baby’s sleep times. There are also many great articles to help explain how to help my baby sleep.
I recommend it!

'Linea', Google Play

Great app without the stress of counting minutes. Very good info about sleep. I recommend it!

Get BabyNaps

BabyNaps gives your baby healthy sleep habits in the long run, the right amount of sleep, and the best conditions to sleep well. You can easily plan your day and enjoy a good night’s sleep again (yes, this dream can come true!).

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Good night, sleep tight

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